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Drainage problems?

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Have you got drainage problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible? That’s not a problem – here at SNC Plumbing any one of our many engineers can help!

It’s never a convenient time for drains to become blocked. Whether inside your property or a part of the surrounding premises, blocked drains can present homeowners, tenants, landlords and business owners with huge headaches. Not only can they be extremely unpleasant but they are also a potential health hazard and need to be acted upon fast.

Here at SNC Plumbing we provide an unrivalled drain unblocking service. Just pick up the phone and call us.



Emergency drain services

If you've got a drains problem that urgently needs looking at, we'll get one of our local drain experts with you ASAP-

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CCTV drains survey

We use the latest technology to tackle your unsolved drain issues – our CCTV equipment acts as your eyes underground to spot the problem. Then we’ll fix it for you.


Drain unblocking

We are here to help with any blockages in your drains. Whether it’s a blocked sink/toilet or a deeper rooted problem, our vans are equipped with the latest technology to solve your problem.


Gutters & Downpipes

Our plumbers’ clear gutters, guttering and downpipes that have become blocked due to leaves, twigs and other objects and debris.


Drain repairs

Sometimes drain problems are a bit trickier than a simple blockage. But from cracks to corrosion, we’ll repair your drains at a very fair price.


Drain cleaning & jetting

When things aren't flowing so smoothly, trust our local experts at Dyno-Rod to get your drains up to speed again.


Drain installation

Need a new drain? Our local drainage engineers will be able to assess the situation and install your drains expertly, with no fuss.